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Setting up for MailEnable

This article provides instructions on setting up MailEnable to relay through MailChannels Outbound Filtering.

MailEnable can smart host email for each domain or for all outbound SMTP email. It is also possible to smart host all outbound email to another host by configuring smart hosting under the properties of the SMTP connector itself.

To setup server-side authentication, perform the following steps in order:

1. Using the MailEnable Administration program, expand the Servers icon. Drill down to Services and Connectors under localhost.
2. Right click on the SMTP Connector and select Properties.
3. Select the Smart Host property sheet.
4. Check Smart Host Enabled.
5. Enter the IP Address or host name of the target SMTP Server.
6. Ensure the port number is 25.


Apply the credentials by clicking the server authentication checkbox and confirming the appropriate username and password provided by MailChannels.



We do not support SSL v3 because of the POODLE bug. You can disable SSL v3 support by following the instructions in the article below


MailEnable versions greater than 8, include the ability to add the X-authuser headers to your messages. This header is used by MailChannels to verify and validate that these messages were authorized to be sent by your mail servers. If you are not using a version greater than 8, we highly recommend upgrading and following these instructions to setup and pass the X-authuser header with your message traffic. Messages without this header are scrutinized more heavily and filtered more aggressively.

You may download the latest MEMTAFilter.dll using either of the following links:

User the following steps to install the new Filter.dll:
1. Stop the MTA and postoffice connector services.
2. Rename the MEMTAFilter.dll files in the Mail Enable\bin and Mail Enable\bin64 directory (this will allow you to roll back this change if needed)
3. Extract the _32 file to the Mail Enable\bin directory and the _64 file to the Mail Enable\bin64 directory
4. Start the MTA and postoffice connector services.
The following are the steps to create a global message content filter to pass the exact X-AuthUser from Mailenable:
5. Within the administration interface navigate to: Messaging Manager > Filters.
6. Right click on Filters and select: New > Filter.
7. Name the filter: Authenticated Users
8. Once created double click the filter to open the filter criteria window.
9. In the criteria list locate the criteria for: Where the sender has authenticated and double click and enable the criteria.
10. Next add the action to the filer by clicking on "Add Action" button within the criteria window.
11. Add the action for "Add Header", with "X-AuthUser" as the header item and "%USER%" as the header value. This will put the username of the person who authenticated to send the email.
Please note: this Filter option is not available in MailEnable standard version

Reference: MailEnable Support (



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