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Release Notes - Outbound Filtering

April 2019

  • New cPanel Integration

    The MailChannels cPanel® & WHM® plugin helps service providers to automate standard system administration processes, such as provisioning, managing subscriptions and updating DNS Downstream and MX records to route email through MailChannels. See documentation

January 2019

  • Usage notification for projected Outbound overages: Outbound Filtering customers will now receive a daily usage notification when your daily usage is projected to exceed the base number of messages included in your plan.  Learn more on how to activate 

December 2018

  • Host Console Refreshed: The Host Console now has separate content sections for Inbound and Outbound Filtering.  Learn more

  • Improved phishing detection: The improved phishing detection adds a new dimension to messages filtered. This capability enables the specific detection of phishing messages.
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