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MailChannels Outbound Filtering - Severity Level Definitions


The severity level is set based on the most severe condition currently being observed from the table below. 

For instance, the severity level is set to 1 when there is a complete outage of the SMTP service or the severity level is set to 2 when the web console is intermittently unreachable.


SMTP Service

Web Console


Reseller API

Severity Level 1

Severe Delays or Complete Outage

Completely Offline

Severely Delayed or Non-Functional

Completely Offline

 Severity Level 2

Severe Delays

Sporadically Unreachable Delayed but Functioning Slow but Functioning 

 Severity Level 3

Minor to No Delays  Minor Issues Minor Issues Minor Issues 

 Severity Level 4

 Normal Trivial Issues Trivial Issues  Trivial Issues 
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