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How can I get copies of my MailChannels invoices or statements?

Important Tax Notice: Unless you are an invoice-billed customer (available only to qualified enterprise customers on a term agreement over $1,000/mo), MailChannels will send you a monthly statement each time we charge your credit card for your account fees. We cannot send a separate "invoice" in addition to the monthly statement.

How to download your statements

The MailChannels Host Console lets you download your current and most recent three invoices. Just visit and scroll down to the section that starts with "Statement," which you can find about half way down the page:


Next, click on the dropdown box labelled "Select Statement" and select the statement you wish to download:


Finally, click on the download button to the left of the dropdown box, and the selected statement will be downloaded.

What if I need older statements?

If you require statements older than three months, don't hesitate to get in touch with our billing team for assistance by emailing Please provide your MailChannels host console username (shown in the upper right of the billing section of the host console) when you contact billing so that they may quickly locate your account.

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