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Fixing the 5.7.1 [CSR] account blocked error

If you or a user is getting this 5.7.1 error, it means the sender has been blocked because it has been sending a high volume of spam through our system.

An individual message might be blocked if it contains suspicious-looking text or if the sender has a history of sending unsolicited messages. However, in order to trigger the [CSR] rejection, a sender must have sent a considerable volume of spam in a short period of time.

If a sender is blocked with [CSR], chances are the sender's user account or server environment has been compromised by a spammer. Here are some steps that can be taken to secure a sender environment depending on the type of user:

Sender Type
Necessary Steps
End User End users include all types of email users including webmail users and those sending email from mobile devices and desktop software such as Outlook® or Thunderbird. Change your password and do a full virus scan to remove any trojan horse software.
Server Administrator Server administrators include people administering dedicated and shared servers that submit email to MailChannels for final delivery. Scan for root kits and ensure all security patches, operating system updates, and application updates have been installed.
Application Administrator Application administrators include people administering web forums such as Joomla!®, shopping cart software, and other e-commerce applications (generally any server-based application that might have access to send email). Ensure applications such as Joomla! are updated to the latest release and that no outstanding security vulnerabilities have been left unpatched.

Our system will automatically remove this block once spamming stops. No manual intervention is required to unblock the account, and filing a support ticket with us will not speed up the process.

If you're still encountering errors or getting false positives, please ask us for help.

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