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Setting up for IceWarp

In order to relay mails through MailChannels, IceWarp® must authenticate with MailChannels using the credentials provided to you. This article provides instructions for setting up authentication.

Authentication to MailChannels Outbound Filtering requires setup using the provided username and password. To setup authentication, navigate to Mail -> General -> Delivery -> Use Relay Server. The relay server should contain the following, as provided in the image:


Add Headers

MailChannels Outbound Filtering requires that the X-AuthUser header, which identifies the authenticated username of the sender, is added to headers. When there are no headers, MailChannels SMTP Relay will consider these as forwarded mails so a different set of policies will be applied.

The X-AuthUser header can be added by taking the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Mail, then Rules. Select Add.
  2. Check All messages for Conditions.
  3. Check Edit message header for Actions.
  4. Click header under Description then chose add to add action.
  5. For the Header field type X-AuthUser:.
  6. The Value field should be: %%auth_email%%
  7. Be sure to enable and apply the rule.



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