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What if I go over my monthly plan limit?

Starter Plan & Lite Plan:

When we detect that an account has exceeded this limit, the following happens:

  • An email is sent to all console super users explaining that the limit has been exceeded, and that service may be suspended soon unless the plan is upgraded.
  • At the next billing run, if the account is still in overage, we will start to degrade the service by randomly rejecting 20% of SMTP connections to the service with a temporary failure error - note that messages that are failed with such an error will be retried by the customer’s mail server, so no email is lost. We will also send another email warning of the problem. Retried messages are not counted toward the customer’s total.
  • At the next run (the third run in overage), service degrades further by rejecting 40% of SMTP connections.
  • After the fourth run, 80% of transactions are failed. And after the fifth run, we will temporarily suspend the account. At each billing run, we will send another warning email.


Standard Plan and higher:

If you exceed your outbound message allotment, your mail traffic will continue to flow. Additional messages are billed at the corresponding rate per thousand messages.


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