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cPanel Exim: "SSL verify error: certificate name mismatch"

Exim error message

SSL verify error: certificate name mismatch: "/OU=Domain Control Validated/OU=EssentialSSL Wildcard/CN=*"

Does this mean that mails are not delivered?

No, this error has no impact on email delivery. Basically, the verification status is logged but this does not have any impact.

Why do I see this error?

Some changes were rolled out in Exim 4.86

JH/04 Certificate name checking on server certificates, when exim is a client,  is now done by default. The transport option tls_verify_cert_hostnames  can be used to disable this per-host. The build option  EXPERIMENTAL_CERTNAMES is withdrawn.

JH/06 Verification of the server certificate for a TLS connection is now tried  (but not required) by default. The verification status is now logged by  default, for both outbound TLS and client-certificate supplying inbound  TLS connections

As a result of these changes, the certification verification status is logged in exim logs. If you do not want to see the error, please disable tls_verify_cert_hostnames in exim.


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