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How do I upgrade my subscription?

"My business is growing and I fear that our outbound volume is creating unnecessary overage charges under my current plan. How do I upgrade to a plan more in-line with our recent business growth?"


Your subscription can be updated from within your admin web console.

  1. Login to your console and navigate to the Settings -> Billing area.
  2. Navigate to the second section "Change Your Plan". In this section you will see your current subscription information such as price per month and maximum messages included with this plan. Click on the "Select A Different Plan" text link in the top right of this section.
  3. From this menu, select a new plan from the list of available options. The details for this plan will be shown below the text link and next to your current plan for comparison:
  4. Once you have selected your new plan, click the "Switch To This Plan" button to update your subscription.

Note: When changing your plan, if you carry a balance, this balance will be due at the time you select a new plan and your billing date will be modified to reflect this new start date as you begin service with this new subscription plan.


Need help? Contact the billing team.


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