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MailChannels Insights

MailChannels Insights allows MailChannels Outbound Filtering customers to access email delivery information and intelligence about the deliverability of their email.

  • Investigate any deliverability issues in your network.
  • Find out why your email was not delivered.
  • ResponseAnalytics™ technology reports what receivers think of your customer's email.


How to Use MailChannels Insights

  • You must have access to MailChannels Host Console.
  • Invite customers to enrol via the Customer Console Log Search. Simply find a log entry for the customer you wish to invite and click on the envelope icon at the top right of each entry in the log search results, or on the "Invite to MailChannels Insights" link in the expanded log entry view.


  • The other way to enrol end users in MailChannels Insights is to enable it in bounce messages. If enabled, bounce messages will contain a link to get them started using MailChannels Insights.

How to Read MailChannels Insights

  • To find out why a message wasn't delivered simply access the Insights Bounce page. This information will be indicated at the top fo the page.
  • Meta data from the bounced message will also be displayed in the table.
  • To enable Insights in bounce pages for your users, simply go to your Host Console and click on Settings >> Account. Enabling Insights in bounce messages can be found in MailChannels Insights configuration panel.
  • If you have enabled Insights for your customers, a [Get Insights] button can be found at the bottom of the Insights bounce page.
  • By clicking on the [Get Insights] button, an email containing a link will be sent to the user's personalised log search interface.


How to Read the Insights Log Search Page

The Insights Log Search page provides a personalized view of the user's delivery logs. Users can dig into all of their message delivery logs to find out when messages were delivered or why they weren't delivered. They can search for specific messages to narrow down deliverability issues.

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