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Log Search API: Efficiently Diagnose Email Delivery Issues

The MailChannels Log Search API is a powerful tool designed to help providers efficiently search and analyze email delivery logs, enabling them to quickly diagnose and resolve email delivery issues reported by their users. With this API, you can:

  • Easily search through email traffic logs using a wide range of criteria, such as recipient email addresses, SMTP response codes, subject lines, and more.
  • Identify delivered and undelivered emails, helping you pinpoint potential deliverability issues.
  • Detect spam and virus dispositions to ensure the emails sent by your users are secure and compliant.
  • Retrieve detailed information about senders, including their identities and sending profiles.
  • Aggregate search results by customizable time intervals (days, hours, or weeks) to uncover trends and patterns.
  • Paginate through results for easy navigation and analysis of large datasets.

The Log Search API offers a user-friendly JSON interface, making integration with your existing internal dashboards and reporting systems a breeze. With support for multiple programming languages and comprehensive documentation, your team will be able to quickly incorporate this valuable data into your workflows.

Log Search API is complemented with the Sender Profile API which provides easy-to-access information for the customer-data made available through the MailChannels Host Console. This API makes it possible to provide information on outbound emails directly to your internal tools, where you can set-up hourly, daily and weekly deliverability dashboards.

Additionally, using the Sender Profile API, you can easily:

  • Search for, and filter transaction logs
  • Obtain detailed sender behavior information (building a sender profile)
  • Get information on ‘Alert’ notifications

By leveraging the insights provided by the MailChannels Log Search and Sender Profile API, you can proactively address email delivery issues, improve your service quality, and enhance user satisfaction. Empower your support team with the tools they need to efficiently diagnose and resolve email-related problems.

Streamline your email delivery troubleshooting process with MailChannels Log Search API. Contact our sales team today to learn more about how this powerful tool can benefit your hosting business.

For more information, refer to our API and SDK documentation.

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