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What can be configured with the Inbound Provisioning API?

Our Inbound Provisioning API can be used to add/modify/remove your domains and provides a bulk mechanism to make this even easier. Access is encrypted and key based to keep sensitive data secure.

Documentation This link can also be found in the Settings > Accounts > API Keys area of your Host Console.

Available Options/Paths


Provision or De-provision 1 to 1000 domains at once, to use MailChannels Inbound.

Fetch a list of all domains associated with an API key.

Create or Remove an alias for domains.

Update the API key that is associated with a domain.

Retrieve or Set stored downstream addresses for the domain.

Add and Remove an entry to, or get a list of entries in, a domain blocklist or safelist.



Generate a link that allows a user to log in as a domain administrator.

Update the abuse policy settings (these settings determine how spam messages are handled), downstream addresses, admins and aliases for a domain.

Submit a False Positive or False Negative report.

Retrieve service system status.

Retrieve a list of current MailChannels Inbound subscriptions.


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