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Managing your account settings

MailChannels accounts are available to paid subscribers and linked to specific Host Console Users. MailChannels accounts grant access to a shared Host Console web interface which enables administration and troubleshooting with one or multiple Console Users.

With a single MailChannels account, you may create additional Console Users, search through email logs to diagnose delivery problems, and gain insight into unusual sending activity using the Top Senders reports & Sender Profiles.


Create an account

You can sign yourself up for MailChannels or you can accept an invitation to join. 

We'll ask for your name and email address. Use your work email if you want to belong to your company's MailChannels account.


From the home page

To sign up for MailChannels, visit and select Pricing from the main menu.

You can choose to:

Login - Host Console

Your Host Console is accessible from 


You can choose to login:

  • By entering the email address and password you create as part of the previous Creating an Account step.
  • Using your Google account and the "Sign in with Google" button.

If you signed up with your Google account:

  • Click the "Sign in with Google" button and select the account you used to sign up. The form will log you into Host Console directly.

If you did not sign up with your Google account but wish to use it to access your Host Console:

  • Login with your email address and password as the Superuser on your MailChannels account and navigate to Account > Settings > Google Sign On Domains. Click Add Domain and complete the form to enable Google Sign On.

Account Settings

Account Settings are accessed by navigating from the Host Console login landing page to Account > Settings.

SMTP Passwords

Your account is unified under a single SMTP Username. Even when sub-accounts are enabled, they are associated with your account through your unique SMTP username when centralizing log data and billing purposes.
You may use the same SMTP Password for all of your mail servers or you may wish to logically group them and assign a unique SMTP Password or create a unique password for any logical purpose you may need.

Console Users

Our introduction and starter subscription plans limit admin user creation and will not allow more than the plan maximum.  Follow the directions on the button hover message if you would like to explore other plans which include multiple admin user accounts. 

  • Name - Human Friendly User Name
  • Email - Email address used as your console login username at sign up or creation
  • Enabled - Account states are enabled or disabled
  • Super User - Super User access is required to view Accounts or Billing areas under Settings
  • Usage Alerts? - Should this user receive billing volume and usage warnings and account alerts? (These are not spam Monitors and Alerts but reminders when volume projections might create overage or quota issues on the account itself)
  • Action Buttons - Edit existing entry and Remove User options are available

Google Sign-On Domains

Domains allowed to Sign-On to your Host Console account using Google.

API Keys

API Keys are used to group inbound domains for security and management. API keys are not required to manage your domains. A domain can be associated with a single key, or left unpaired and unrestricted. The Inbound > Domains area of your Host Console is where you associate the API keys created here.
The Inbound API documentation link in this area is always our latest version. For more information about this API, please see: What can be configured with the Inbound Provisioning API? and Using multiple API keys to manage inbound filtering domains more securely

MailChannels Insights

Insights are customized bounce links which provide your Outbound Filtering users with an automated method of solving some of their own delivery problems. The Insights bounce link contains the reason for the rejection and a "Not Spam" button that users can click to quickly fix a false positive block without a support contact.

Insights can be enabled or disabled if you prefer a standard NDR response. Insights can be saved indefinitely or expired after a defined number of days.

Insights Branding

Insights Branding is available starting with our Standard subscription plan and this area will contain instructions on how to enable this feature for your account.

Our own MailChannels logo is loaded by default on external links like the Insights bounce messages.

Disable the "default" option and upload your own images in the required sizes. You may also add a custom "Support Message", up to 256 characters in length.

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