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Provision Parked Domains

Parked domain provisioning is available for Inbound domains as of plugin version 4.3.0. The parked domain provisioning task runs behind the standard domain provisioning by one minute as the parked domain(s) would not yet exist in WHM.

Fixing Common Issues

Step 1: At Package Required

The at package supports delayed job execution and batch processing. It is included with most distributions but may be missing from your hosted instance.

1. Confirm that you are using the latest MailChannels WHM/cPanel Plugin with a minimum version of 4.3.0. Upgrade your plugin to the latest version before proceeding.

2. Verify that your parked domain has been properly provisioned from within your plugin domains list  or by API query. Once the initial provisioning job completes, pause for 60 seconds and then search for any parked domain(s) to confirm that they were provisioned.

3. If your parked domains were not provisioned 60 seconds after your initial provisioning request, you likely need to install the 'at' package onto your server instance using apt or yum.

4. Provisioning of your parked domain(s) in bulk or individually once more. After 60 seconds, refresh your domains list to see all new parked domain entries.

Step 2: Enhanced Logging

Debug logging can be enabled in the plugin configurations to provide you with enhanced log data if you are having any trouble or issues getting parked domains provisioned.

1. Set LOG_LEVEL to "LogLevel::DEBUG" in your MailChannels plugin Config.php file:

# vi /usr/local/mailchannels/conf/Config.php

2. Leave this in place as you test and gather any needed log data, then remember when finished to change the file back to "LogLevel::INFO" to avoid using excess disk space.

3. If needed, please contact with any additional parked domain issues.

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