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Getting Started for Hosting Providers

If you are using WHM/cPanel, please download our MailChannels cPanel plugin as it automates a great deal of the manual steps required.
If you are unable to use our WHM/cPanel plugin, don't panic!
Setup is still a quick process with minimal technical ability required. This article provides everything needed to setup Inbound Filtering for your domain(s) no matter which system software you are using.

The following steps should be followed to manually provision MailChannels Inbound Filtering for your domain(s):

  1. Create a MailChannels Inbound Filtering account after selecting the plan sized best to suit your needs: MailChannel Plans & Pricing
  2. Inbound Filtering is managed in your Host Console, similar to Outbound Filtering, under the Inbound main section. Login to your Host Console and navigate to the Inbound section from the left menu.
  3. Choose Domains from the Inbound settings list in the left menu. Click the "Add Domains" button when you are ready to protect a single or bulk item, list of domains(up to 10,000 per submission, CSV upload capable). When ready to include your domain(s), click the "Add" button. Once provisioned, all domains appear and can be searched/accessed from your Host Console > Inbound > Domains area. For a more detailed description of this area, see our Domains article.
  4. From your Host Console > Inbound menu, you are able to manage Global Safelists and Blocklists which can be used across your entire account and applicable to every domain you provision. User settings take precedence if in direct conflict with Global list items. For more information on creating and maintaining global lists, please see our Inbound Safelists and Blocklists article.
  5. Your domain(s) has/have now been provisioned and require some additional setup by a Domain Administrator before mail is routed through MailChannels for filtering and delivery to users' inboxes.

    Inbound Filtering provisioning is completed. Domain routing configuration is still required!

    Next steps. Please follow our Getting Started for Domain Admins guide to complete the MX and Downstream Record configuration(required for each domain) in order to enable the service and begin filtering messages destined for your domain(s) users' inboxes. If you are acting as the Domain Admin, you can access all provisioned domains directly through your Host Console > Inbound > Domains area by clicking the "Login" button to the right of the domain name. This does not promote an admin but allows you, the account owner, to gather and configure MX and Downstream settings when necessary.
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