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How does MailChannels enforce DMARC policy?

Domain-based Messaging Authentication Reporting and Conformance(DMARC) is highly recommended and  fully supported by MailChannels.

DMARC Sender Domain policies:
Unauthorized email doesn’t get delivered. Reject these messages entirely.

Unauthorized email should be delivered to a special/spam folder or suspended in a quarantine queue.

Monitors your email traffic. No further action is taken.


The following table demonstrates how policy is handled depending up on the type of Spam Handler chosen for your protected inbound domain.

Sending Domain DMARC Policy MailChannels Domain Spam Handling Policy MailChannels Enforcement Action
reject block block
reject quarantine block
reject flag block
quarantine block block
quarantine quarantine quarantine
quarantine flag flag
none block none
none quarantine none
none flag none
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